Untruthful Announcements about RIGA FERTILIZER TERMINAL Project Mislead Public


RIGA FERTILIZER TERMINAL, LLC (RFT) has received approvals from all the relevant state institutions and experts and is planning to build the most advanced and safest mineral fertilizer transhipment and temporary storage terminal in Northern Europe by the beginning of 2014. The site is located in Kundziņsala within the territory of the port of Rīga. Mineral fertilizers are exported and conveyed through transit countries in accordance with strict international and local legal provisions such as the Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail (COTIF) and the Carriage by Rail Law. It is unacceptable that the public, including Daugavpils residents, is misled by certain persons who deliberately circulate explicitly untruthful populist messages.

“Most manufacturers from the CIS countries, including the company Uralchem, OJSC, traditionally export considerable amounts of mineral fertilizers through ports in the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea, including Rīga, without posing threat to the environment and the population. The initiative group, supposedly formed to support Daugavpils residents, is taking advantage of the situation where the public lacks knowledge about the project and the chemical composition of mineral fertilizers. The questionable reputation of the initiative group and its activities has drawn attention from law enforcement bodies in Latvia and the neighbouring countries. The actual motives behind the group members’ activities are unclear to the project realizers,” emphasises Mr Roberts Kļaviņš, Board Member of RFT.

The group’s statement that the construction of such a terminal “has no precedent in European ports” is untruthful. Mineral fertilizers, including ammonium saltpetre, are permanently transhipped and stored in the ports of Rīga, Tallinn, Saint-Petersburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam etc. That substance is widely used in agriculture in Latvia and all over the world.

The RFT construction project has received approvals from the Environment State Bureau, the State Fire and Rescue Service, the Greater Rīga Environmental Management Bureau, and the City Development Department of Rīga City Council. Such projects are carried out in strict accordance with international legal provisions.

The internationally recognised standards define ammonium nitrate as a substance “with a low degree of danger”. According to the internationally recognised regulations, transportation of ammonium nitrate is allowed by means of ordinary civil transport in specialised fertilizer carriages or water-resistant packaging, also in open gondolas, which proves the low degree of danger of such cargos.

Uralchem, OJSC is one of the biggest companies on the fertilizer market in the Russian Federation, CIS countries and Eastern Europe. For more information, visit www.uralchem.com.

RFT (RIGA FERTILIZER TERMINAL) was founded in November 2009 as a joint venture of Uralchem, OJSC subsidiary URALCHEM FREIGHT LIMITED and the RTO (RIGA COMMERCIAL PORT). RTO is the leading investor, developer and operator of port terminal and transit service companies in Latvia. There are four business units within RTO which provide port terminal services, railway cargo transportation, and infrastructure and real property management in the territory of the port of Rīga. Cargo volumes handled by RTO in 2010: terminal operations (7.45 million tonnes), rail freight haulage (9.45 million tonnes), and forwarding services (5.7 million tonnes).


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